Kiss Someone Nice Or Lick A Rock
~ Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye ~
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this is the kind of modern art I love….

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Nicholas SparksNights in Rodanthe (via feellng)

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People want pretty much the same things: They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older people believed they lay in the past.


Adam Lupton

What’s in store for me in the direction i don’t take?

“… the moments when everything is open, when all options are present, and all is undecided – mere destinies unfolding. Our choices shift into one plane of existence, the extension of every path still available, until we pick the red tie instead of the blue; harbor anger instead of compassion; attempt to fix it or break it; and all our possibilities collapse into the singular of what is, rippling outward from the moment of decision to affect our lives in ways unknown… The noise at the back of our mind wondering anxiously, What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?”


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dragons are mentioned in almost all cultures all across the world even before they had interaction with each other and you’re telling me they didn’t exist

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Anaïs Nin in a letter to Henry Miller (via viperslang)

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I adore the struggle you carry in yourself. I adore your terrifying sincerity.

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If you don’t get excited when you’re about to kiss someone then you probably shouldn’t be kissing them. It should get you riled up inside and should not be mediocre.



This post is eveeeeeeeerything


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friendly reminder that if we’re mutuals and you wanna exchange snapchat names or instagram or something you’re more than welcome (encouraged) to shoot me an ask

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